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SIRIS' Portfolio Construction and Compliance Services enable development and maintenance of investment universes and portfolios to comply with client determined sustainability criteria.

To enable this, SIRIS' has developed a proprietary software and flexible "interogatible" database, PrSIM (Profiling Sustainable Investment Metrics). The PrSIM database currently contains information on over 300 indicators and almost 700 companies.  

These services can be benchmarked to specific indices eg ASX300, NZSX50, Country and regional MSCI or individual client indices, issues and thresholds.  

The service can be applied to benchmark against sub-indices, or specific sectors within indices and can be constructed on an absolute rankings and ratings or best-of-sector/index approach.

The services delivered include:

  • Development and provision of social investment policies and guidelines appropriate to investment style, process and mandate.
  • Investment Universe Construction and Monitoring
  • Portfolio Sustainability Audit & Benchmarking which enable a determination of the sustainability bias or "dividend" of any client portfolio based on customised values and criteria against selected benchmarks.  

The benefits derived from the PCCS process:

  • Discharging fiduciary duties through adoption of best practice SRI due diligence level and methodology;
  • Cost-efficiencies,
  • Utilisation of widely adopted standards and benchmarks;
  • Enabling investors to focus on their core investment and funds management skills; and
  • Greater client flexibility in product definition reflecting respective sustainability priorities and investment objectives.

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