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SIRIS believes the effective governance of corporations lies at the heart of sustainability.  

As a part of its sustainable governance research, through the Governance Services Unit (GSU) SIRIS maintains analysis on approximately 50 corporate governance parameters, enabling profiling and benchmarking of company governance structures and voting against IFSA, ACSI and ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Companies, sectors and indices can also be ranked on the basis of any parameter or combination of parameters.

SIRIS' governance research;

  • enables voting of proxies
  • informs engagement with companies
  • is based on widely adopted governance principles and guidelines.

Other Governance Initiatives

GSU recognises that managing an institutional investor's exposure to corporate governance risk, requires much more than proxy voting. Many fundamental corporate governance issues are not the subject of resolutions at a company's Annual General Meeting. GSU operates as an independent voice to help investors minimise their risk all year round.

GSU commits to meeting the diverse needs of its international and domestic clients. GSU will design a service to meet your needs.

Proxy Voting Services

SIRIS governance analysis and benchmarking provides actionable proxy voting recommendations for ASX 200 listed company Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). Other companies are provided on request.

The service at a glance:

  • Applies ACSI, IFSA Blue Book ASX Good Governance standards,
  • ASX 100 or 200 coverage,
  • Coverage outside ASX 200 on request,
  • Concise, summarised reports,
  • Governance status benchmarked against peer companies,
  • Cost effective.

The service is maintained within SIRIS' PrSIM database. Recommendations reference detailed analysis on remuneration questions, director independence, potential related-party conflicts of interest, and allow comparison of companies' governance standards against their industry peers.

AGM Services

Reflecting its extensive research capability, GSU can assist in the proposing and tabling of sustainability and corporate social resolutions.

For example:

  • Independence of auditors
  • Inadequacy of reporting;
  • Implementation of corporate environmental reporting
  • Policies regarding director share ownership.

Engagement Overlay Services

GSU is able to assist investors manage portfolio exposure to governance/ sustainability risk through providing engagement support services for Asian regional companies.

SIRIS can work with clients to determine

  • appropriate issues for engagement,
  • specific companies and/or industries for engagement

Based on our extensive experience and expertise, under specific mandate, SIRIS can also participate in client engagement with focus companies.


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