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Fund Sub-Advisory Services

SIRIS provides advice on incorporating ESG parameters into portfolio construction and investment selection directly to a number of investment funds and managers.

This advice includes generation of specific potential investment portfolios to reflect selected ESG risks or opportunities and/or management thereof, and provision of due security diligence for these aspects of risk and opportunity.

Retail Investment/Advisors

SIRIS services are available to retail investment advisors.  

We can assist advisors provide efficient and timely advice on company sustainability and governance and in the construction of client portfolios through;

  • Portfolio Construction and Compliance Services
  • construction of investment universes to reflect ESG risks and opportunities of minimum management standards
  • Company sustainability and governance profiles, ratings and rankings
  • Thematic Research

Company and Advisor Services

SIRIS invites use of its database and research services for use by corporates or by advisors to corporates in providing guidance and assistance in analysing, and assessing and thus, assisting in the management of corporate sustainability issues.

SIRIS Data enables organisations to identify and highlight sustainability risks and opportunities and benchmark performance against peer companies and other sectors across any combination of the 300 parameters.   Through our international research partnerships, benchmarking can be extended to include international comparators.


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